What is Kangen Water and who produces it?

The most powerful water that has ever existed!

apa alcalina"Kangen" comes from Japanese, meaning "return to origin", that is to the original state that water was often found in nature before the earth became polluted. KANGEN WATER is alkaline, ionized, anti-oxidant, restructured, active hydrogen-rich, powerful for life. KANGEN WATER involves the return to youth of our body.

KANGEN WATER is living water

The molecular structure of KANGEN WATER is H + OH and it results from the water formula: H2O, which means that KANGEN WATER is living water. KANGEN water washes toxins and neutralizes acids in the body. KANGEN WATER is a powerful antioxidant, perhaps more powerful than food or vitamins, because it contains active hydrogen which produces large amounts of electrons in our body.

KANGEN WATER is produced by Enagic Inc.

enagicThe Enagic Company was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1974 and the firm produces alkaline water and other types of water machines since 1982. In the past, people went in the Himalayas to drink water with hexagonal structure, alkaline water, very good in preventing disease. This is why the Enagic Company decided to produce home medical appliances, so that anyone could have them in the house, devices that convert tap water into purified, alkaline water in real time.

Enagic Inc. Is certified O.E.M.

enagicThe Enagic Company has O.E.M. certification (Original Equipment Manufacturer), which means that all components of the water producing appliances are built and assembled exclusively by the company in Japan.

KANGEN WATER is produced by medical equipmentle

Leveluk sd 501Enagic devices are licensed as medical devices in Japan by the Japan Ministry of Health and they are licensed as well in America. Currently they undergo the process of certification in Europe too.

Enagic devices produce five types of water

Leveluk sd 5011 - 3 types of Kangen alkaline water (pH 8.5,pH 9.0,pH 9.5)
2 - Neutral Water (pH 7.0)
3 - Acidic Water (4.0 pH - 6.0 pH)
4 - Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5)
5 - Strong Kangen Water (pH 11.0)

Did you know...?

  • The water content in the human body is about 70%.
  • The brain contains 83% water, the blood 83%, the eyes 95%, the muscles 75%, the lungs 86%, the kidneys 83%.
  • pH - the amount of active hydrogen. pH is from 0-14. 0-7 = acid. 7-14 = alkaline.
  • All life pyramids are based on water.